The Best Pia - I Want A New Drug


Valves that make no sound

There is valves and there is valves. I don't think that this has to do with what lots of people think and what we have to do. I think that this is my chance to let go and go free and if we don't have the possibility to get rid of this I do believe that one have to get rid of the small check valves that make a lot of noise and instead change them to the proper things. I do believe that this is something good and that this is something that one can make, not doing so ...

Golf trip to France

I've just started playing golf for real. Before I never played that much actually. I had some friends who took me to a golf course last year and I kind of got hooked. It was really fun actually. I never thought that golf could be so fun. But this summer I've made arrangements for a golf trip in France for some friends. I think that it's going to be great! None of my friends have ever played golf in France before. And we're also staying at a really nice hotell right beside the golf course!